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InterPhases' core competencies center on its highly skilled technical team with inter-disciplinary capabilities, spanning across science, technology and business. The team offers technical consulting services on state-of-the-art thin film PV technologies, as well as specific low cost technical solutions to accelerate solar power adoption.
The company has pioneered ultra simple, low-cost electrochemical methods to replace high-end vacuum methods. It has carved out a distinct niche for unconventional PV innovations based on inexpensive, non-hazardous materials and processes.

InterPhases has won several R&D awards and contracts from the National Science Foundation, California Energy Commission, Department of Defense, Department of Energy and Xcel Energy. The awards have been leveraged into creating alternate, low-cost pathways to make PV an affordable and compelling energy source.

Current PV technologies portfolio includes:

  • Lightweight, flexible CISe solar cell.

  • Nano-engineered materials.

  • Electrosynthesis of superlattices & nanostructures.

  • Surface treatment for Cd-free CIGS cell.

  • Recycling PV devices into new modules.

  • Organic and hybrid solar cells.

  • Photoelectrolysis of water.

  • Atomized spray pyrolysis system.

  • Roll-to-roll processing system.

  • Laser recrystallization.

  • Nanoscale device configurations.

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