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Flexible Solar Cell

With unique device configuration and an extremely low-cost processing technology, InterPhases' CISe PV deviates from current PV technologies in order to achieve grid parity. It is designed to simultaneously meet the challenges of high efficiency, reliability, and low manufacturing cost, while offering versatile applications.

Made with inexpensive but highly efficient PV materials, the CISe PV technology can lead to a high performance device at very low fabrication cost.

The unique device configuration combined with highly compatible, non-toxic components and processes, considerably reduces complexity and costs.

Roll-to-roll Manufacturing

An extremely inexpensive solution-based deposition process leads to drastic cost reduction. The process is amenable to high-throughput roll-to-roll production under ambient conditions. PV modules of variable shapes, sizes and electrical outputs can be produced in a continuous automated assembly line.

The approach allows simpler scale-up through the use of wide substrates and replication of the module assembly line, to achieve GW capacities. The modules can be cost-competitive even at low production volumes – a unique attribute that allows InterPhases CISe PV to compete with the more complex and cost-intensive PV technologies.

"[InterPhases' solar cell] combines an
extremely promising approach to simpler
thin film processing with moderately high
efficiency – potentially the optimum path
to low PV cost in the short-to-mid-term...
Xcel Energy

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