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Solar cell


CISe Solar Cell

Safe, affordable, clean PV power for global energy market

InterPhases has developed a revolutionary photovoltaic technology that can dramatically lower the cost of solar electricity generation. It features a highly reliable and resilient solar cell, based on copper indium selenide (CISe) compounds, made on lightweight flexible foil. It combines inherently efficient, stable non-toxic materials, with an inexpensive, high throughput manufacturing method. The unprecedented combination of materials and processes can provide a commercially viable solution for multifunctional applications, including utility-scale renewable electricity generation. The solar cells can power on-grid and off-grid buildings, remote and mobile systems, central power plants, spacecraft and satellites. CISe PV technology deployment can lead to grid parity and deliver the promise of affordable, secure and clean PV power.

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Ultra-thin, lightweight, flexible
CISe solar cell can provide clean,
energy solutions for cost
competitive electricity generation.

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